kwangbok-jack-lee-urbansin.biz“It has been started as a mystery play for me to taking a picture which is able to capture the moment. For example, it provides me with great communication methods. This means, I can communicate with the world, like artists drawing and pianists playing piano. Eventually these things attracted me to the world that could be stopped by shutter.” - KwangBok Jack Lee -

KwangBok Jack Lee influenced by his father who loved cameras and photographs. Jack’s photography was beginning when he was 17 years old. After he graduated from high school, he took fine arts photography course at Kywon school of art and design. His passion about photography made him top of his school, and he got a recommendation from his professor. His professor gave jack an internship program and he got a job at 2B Double Base studio that is one of very famous commercial studio in Korea and 2B studio’s major commercial client is Samsung.
After come to London, he achieved many projects successfully using his transcendent senses for photography and technics from his experiences. From the newly launched designer’s editorial to London fashion week’s backstage and editorial, Jack is one of the progressive Korean photographer in London. He is still running toward for his dream today and forever.


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