Davide Micciulla was born in Siracusa in 1991. In his childhood he develops a great passion for Egypt, so he decides to attend the class of Art during the high school.
Growing, he starts to become fond of photography which becomes a part of his life (passion maybe inherited from the father). With the first money saved he decides to buy a Reflex: his tool to catch and express his vision.
At the end of the high school he decides to leave the beloved Sicily and move to Milan where he will study Graphic Design and Art Director in NABA. The class is not focused on photography, but these studies allow him to develop another passion, "the video making", through which he finds a more complete way to express himself. Davide starts working mixing Photography and Video Making and this will be the beginning of his cooperation with some of the most important fashion agencies and designers in Italy (remarkable is the collaboration with Elle.it.).
Davide knows that this is only the beginning: he’s willing to learn and apply himself to reach his goals, keeping the passion and determination that he will need to work, one day, abroad.
There are many people that helped him and are still present in his life and career like the photographer Michele De Andreis, the fashion designer Maurizio Modica and Luca Lanzoni (web director @Elle.it), people and professionals towards which he will be thankful forever.


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