serena-palma-urbansin.bizFrom ever since I could remember, color has always been a constant strong presence in my life. My choice fell on the things which more than the others, bore the most flamboyant and fascinating tone. I believe that bringing color in our own lives is important, or better, fundamental. All my studies were focused on this idea, attending first an Art Institute and them the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera Milan concluding my studies attending the course of Artistic Make Up at the BCM in Milan. This last experience made me understand clearly what was my path. Armed with the studies done previously I have a complete and artistic vision on this job: I always try to take cues, study trends, transformations, to make my own interpretation of what I saw, working on it making my own personal taste and vision version. Bright color, clean line and graphic are inherent in the way I work. Operating in the fashion world is what I really love, so eclectic an expressive, that's why I really can't understand who says that fashion or "making fashion" is boring, I really can't get it! Every major campaign is made by a large study on the color to use, the tone, the expressions, artistic references and stories to tell. In addition to this, I would also like to work in theaters, another great love of me, since I'm majoring in Stage Design. At least but not last, I just completed the studies in special fx and prosthetics, to make sure I'm fully skilled for any situation.


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