véronica-luna-urbansin.bizI am Verónica Luna, a young mexican fashion designer.
I have a degree in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni. I coursed the first year in the London Campus and the last 2 years in the Milan Campus. I decided to move from Mexico because I felt curious towards other cultures; I find very inspiring to understand how other societies work and, at the same time, I feel very strong about my Mexican heritage.
I use fashion as an outlet to express my point of view, to protest about global issues I am interested in. I take the utmost dedication in my work; I am meticulous with every detail because I believe my work must fully represent me.
Experimental fashion has always been a big interest of mine. Experimenting is an essential step to achieve new concepts and transform them into clothes.
During my creative process I research my concepts and strive to grasp the best way to communicate what I am trying to express: in my opinion, it is the only way to get involved with your creations and it is the only way I really feel.
I leave a part of me in my creations and that will make my clothes represent me. That’s why I love the creating process from A to Z.


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