dorotea-pospihalj-urbansin.bizI've started my fashion adventure by studying fashion design at Istituto Marangoni - Milan. After two years I've came to realise that my style and work were not well received. I didn't feel like adopting my work according to italian aesthetics, so I moved to London where i still live and create.
At the moment i am busy launching my first socially aware collection under the name dorotea p.
As I grew up in a multicultural environment where traveling was normal every day activity i couldn't imagine a more suitable environment then city of London.
Main source of inspiration and why i chosed design as a mean of my expression is social analysis. Approaching fashion from a socially-psychological level and trying to interpret the differences trough garments.
My idea of fashion is bringing together cultural differences and making them work together with a help of aesthetics. I am arguing that fundamentally we are all the same. Todays trends where every individual is trying so hard to be different from everybody else that eventually they turn up looking exactly alike. My theory of life is the opposite. Fashion is a part of the lifestyle. It should reflect the person you are inside introspection rather then retrospection. My garments will suit a free thinker that does not need garments to feel better or more confident. Somebody that has no need to identify one self as a male or female, what ones political or religious beliefs are.


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