alla-polozenko-urbansin.bizAlla Polozenko was born in Ukraine, where she studies visual arts before moving to Serbia to work as interior decorator. After some years she settles down in Italy to deepen her pictorial research through a wide production of abstract paintings inspired by Salvador Dali’s Surrealism. In Milan she experiences fashion and she develops a great attraction towards it, maybe also influenced by her knowledge of the Italian ancient art and her study of 900’s artists. Starting from this background, Polozenko’s collections grow out as the mirror of a deep conviction: “Fashion must be thought as the reflection of a profound creative act”. According to this, the designer creates dresses which can be considered the perfect result of the meeting between advance artistic researches and the most innovative materials available. Alla Polozenko’s style is based on the pursuit of a new model of femininity. Inspired by the Modernist architecture and the contemporary art…She wons the first prize in the final of the Italian Triumph Inspiration Awards 2012,and took second place at the world finals in Shanghai.


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