juan-luiz-valadez-urbansin.bizA friction of cultures, a multicultural baggage and the search of uncommon beauty, are some of the references that are constantly been questioned, once and again, to perpetuate the vocabulary and the aesthetic of “Valadez”.
Juan Luis Valadez, head designer for the brand, is always intrigued by the fusion of paradoxes; coolness and refinement are the main subjects to struggle with . It’s at the very well renown Istituto Marangoni in Milan where he learned to take the very best from different worlds, and redefines his style gaining the opportunity to get involved in the “Made in Italy”, and absorving all the professionalism, technique and perfectionism that requieres to arrive to high levels.
Nowadays, his compromise is to keep those elevated values and standards into his own professional project where he reflects his love and passion to this everyday changing and for the vigorous industry of fashion.


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