Giuseppe Morabito was born in Calabria, a southern italian region, in 02/06/1992. Afterward a brief stay in the city of Turin, he moved to Milan in 2012. He was admitted to Fashion Design course at Istituto Marangoni in the same city. He concluded his first collection in September 2012. This collection has been inspired by some work of arts created by artists throughout the italian Baroque. The designer Giuseppe created a dialogue between the sense of aesthetic belonging to the contemporary clothes and the decorative style linked to the works of master-artist as Andrea Pozzo. The works of art are revised with equilibrium in order to preserve the essential parts. These have been used as images to print a design on the "canvas-clothes" prototype. The fourth edition of Womade provided the opportunity to show his collection exclusively. Giuseppe Morabito's collection will be arranged for a widen production, available from the January 2013.
Giuseppe used this occasion to design other new pieces made with velvet, cotton and plush.
Firstly the canvas was directly related to the conception of paintings in the history of art, now it has been integrated with the use of fabrique which embrace a new vision of this fashion project. The ultimate collection tends to conciliate fashion and art contemporaneously.


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