enrie-scielzo-the-queen-beetch-urbansin.bizMy name is Enrie Scielzo. I’m an Italian model and fashion journalist.
I was born in Salerno, but I’ve lived in Barcelona, London and Milan, and I’m always travelling around the world because of my job, of which this is probably the part I like the most: I have a bachelor degree in Foreign Languages and Cultures, so I always love to get in touch with new places, people, languages and cultures.
I’m extremely curious and creative, and I love everything that relates to fashion, art and beauty.
This year I’ve launched my blog, TheQueenBeetch, which is a way to comunicate with all the ones that follow me and always keep in touch with them, but laso to share what I like with the rest of the world. I think it reflects 100% what I am and what I love: form clothing to makeup, from perfumes to events, but overall people – that I personally interview in my INNERviews.
I also collaborate as a freelance fashion journalist with several magazines – both paper and online – but my actual job is the model one. I like it because it allows you to reinvent yourself each time, to show different sides of you and, hopefully, to make other people feel through pictures.
My biggest wish is to become the testimonial for one of the brands that I love (Dolce& Gabbana over all) and – who knows – maybe designing my own collection of clothing and\or makeup someday :)
If you want, you can follow me on my official Facebook page that I personally update daily, and on my blog TheQueenBeetch. I hope I’ll see you there :)
Stay beautiful! ♥ Exxx


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